What is Dog Walking?

Our private dog walks are perfect for dogs that need to get outside and burn some energy during the day.   A Waggy Tails dog walker will come to your home, leash up your dogs, and take them for a walk that is catered to their energy level.  Or as an alternative playtime in your fenced yard can be requested. It’s that simple!  For everyone’s safety, dogs must have reasonable leash behavior for this service.  Be sure to check out our FAQ for answers to our frequently asked questions by new clients.

What is Included in a Dog Walk?

When you’re at work, this walking solution is the perfect service for your energetic dogs.  Each walk includes:

    dog leather leash

  • A walk catered to your dogs’ individual energy levels
  • 1 or 2 on-leash dogs walked at the same time
  • Water bowls emptied and refilled with clean water
  • Waste pick-up
  • Treats (if applicable)
  • A short indoor cool down before saying goodbye
  • Your choice of a daily written note, text, or email (if desired)

Our Services and Rates

Dog Walks: 

We offer two different walk length options – a Standard Walk (visit averages 20 minutes) and an Extended Walk (visit averages 40 minutes).  These walks include time for greeting and leashing up your dog, taking a brisk walk, and a final cool down inside with water and treats.

Our walkers will use best judgement for walk lengths during inclement weather (extreme heat, severe rain, snow, etc).  In these situations, indoor play will be used as an alternative, along with a bathroom break.

Standard Walk = $22

Extended Walk = $26

If your dog requires regularly scheduled Monday-Friday, 5 days per week walks, we do offer a discounted rate of $20 for Standard Walks ($105/week) and $25 for Extended Walks ($125/week).