Living in an apartment can be tough, especially if you are thinking of getting a dog or already have one.

Owning a dog takes a lot of time and commitment for the owner. Here are some useful tips on how you can keep your dog happy, and yourself sane in a small apartment.

Exercise Tips

First, dogs require a lot of time, and they need lots of exercise. If you live in a small apartment they aren’t going to have much room to run around and play.  It is best if they have many times during the day where they are taken out for a walk, or are given the opportunity to go out and run around. There are many different types of exercise that you can do with your dog. You can take them to a local dog park, or anywhere that you can play fetch. You can also take them on a walk, run, or even a bike ride.

Dog Running

Think about the Breed

Before getting a dog, be sure to research different breeds. Some dogs do better in small spaces than others do. Some dogs have a very high energy level, or are noisy. Putting these animals in an apartment is not a good idea, and unfair to your dog.

A Dog’s Special Place

You will  want to create a space that is just for your furry friend. When dogs have their own space and area to wind down, they are able to relax more easily. Be sure to have them a bed, their favorite toys, and food and water bowls nearby. If you keep your dog in a crate, try and make it as comfortable as possible, and somewhere they want to go to.

Set a RoutineDog in bed

Dogs do well when they have a routine. Try feeding them at the same time everyday so that they know when to expect it. Also take them out for regular walks, and exercise at the same time every day. They will learn when it is time, and will look forward to it. If you are not able to be at home with your pet, or stop in to check on them and take them out,  think about hiring a dog walking company to visit with them while you are away. No matter what the size of your dog, or their energy level, your dog will be much happier if they have a chance to go out and run around a little during the day.

The Little Things

Another thing you can do to help your dog during the day is to try opening the blinds while you are gone so that there is some extra light in the apartment. This also let’s your friend have the chance to look outside and see what is goingon in the world. To keep your dog from getting bored while you are away, try hiding treats around your apartment.  Let your dog have fun, while trying to find the delicious surprise that you have left for him to discover.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Doing these small and simple things can let you enjoy the companionship of a furry friend in an apartment,  but at the same time Dog looking out a windowmaking sure that everyone is happy and healthy.








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