Happy PumpkinsHalloween can be great fun.

Kids dressed up as weird characters are laughing, flashlights flicker in the darkness, and spooky things jump out at you at every house. But how does your pet really feel about it?

You have to look at it from their point of view: How would you like something that used to feel safe, now make you scared and stressed to the max?

Costumes Can Be Cute and Comfy

You know you love them, and you search high and low for the perfect one for your furry pal. However, before you make that purchase, take some steps to ensure it’s safe and comfortable for your pet.

Remember, your pet can’t tell you if it’s scratchy or makes him walk funny. It’s your job to ensure that he won’t want to run away screaming when you come towards him with a costume in your hand.

Thoroughly inspect the costume before putting it on your frisky friend. Make sure there isn’t anything that would poke him or otherwise inflict discomfort or pain. Remember: You want you pet to enjoy this too!

A Scary Time

Pets scare easily. If they go out trick or treating with you, be mindful to keep them away from decorations that might make loud noises or jump out at you. Think of them as little kids. If you think a baby or toddler might be frightened, then don’t put your pet in that situation either.

Halloween decorations can be fun to have around the house but, for your pet, it can also be stressful. Don’t have animated decorations on all the time. Allow your dog or cat to be able to roam around their house freely without the fear of triggering some frightening skeleton that comes to life and starts screaming. You’d be a little stressed out too, right?Black Cat & Jack-O-Lantern

Candy is Not Yummy

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the abundance of candy. With that in mind, one of the most important things to never
forget is that this candy can be toxic to your pets.

Most pet owners do know to keep candy safely out of their pet’s way, but it’s really easy to not pay enough attention to where all the candy is stored. If you have a large dog that can reach the top of the table, then you know it has to be put in another location. If you have a small pet, then putting it in a little space that’s not closed off because you think they wouldn’t be able to get to it is not a good idea. If your pet can smell it, they’ll try to get to it.

There’s also the ‘forgotten’ candy that may have spilled out of your child’s treat bag and gone unnoticed. Always take a scan around the area where candy once was. Look in the couch cushions and under tables. You know your pet will.

So, on Halloween, have fun and be scared. Just make sure your pet is comfortable, relaxed, and safe so they can enjoy the holiday as well.