working dogs June means lazy summer days on the lake, morning hikes in the mountains, and evening walks in the park with our beloved dogs by our side.

But did you know that June also means that our K-9 friends get a special day where they don’t have to be visited by your pet sitter while you work?

Yup, an entire day where they get to come hang out with you at the office! Friday, June 26th is Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day®.

First celebrated in 1999, this fun day is the perfect way for pet parents to show their friends at work just how much joy their dog brings into their lives. And hopefully, this inspires those who aren’t pet owners to adopt so that they too can share in that same joy.

dog at work Take Your Dog to Work Day is also an opportunity to raise money for, and bring awareness to, charities all over the country through special events and activities that take place while pets are at work. Workplaces can hold contests, fundraisers, educational events, and much more, and then put the proceeds toward the charity of their choice.

And it isn’t only for the parents of doggies either. The whole week leading up to TYDTWDay is Take Your Pet to Work Week™.

If you would like to participate, you can find all the tools you will need to get started online, including instructions for planning your event, press releases, promotional materials, media kits and much more at However, if you work in an environment where health codes or special regulations prevent you from sharing your work day with your pet, you can always help to support the event by spreading the word. You can guarantee that a doggy somewhere will be thanking you when they get to do the most fun thing ever on that Friday morning: ride in the car on the way to work!

photo credits: Service Dogs of Hawaii Fi-Do, Training Session, Working Dogs, Job, Group Photo via photopin (license) and woof via photopin (license)