Sleepy Santa DogChristmas can be an immensely fun time for your pet. Let them enjoy receiving gifts too, in a safe and exciting way.

With so many gift options for our furry pals these days, it’s hard to choose what to put in your pup’s stocking. What would he want most from the man in the red suit?

Yummy to their Tummy

You can’t really go wrong with treats! There are some great natural choices from which to select and dogs just eat them up! Literally and figuratively 🙂

Bakeries have fun this time of year creating new and creative cookies and pastries for dogs. They make such cute and yummy treats that will create a different taste that they might be used to. That can be good or bad!

If your dog is on a special diet, you’ll have fewer options. However, more and more bakeries are beginning to recognize the need for treats that are grain-free and without artificial colors. People are wanting healthier options and companies are responding!

Keep size in mind when selecting what treats are going to be stuffing the stocking. Small treats can seem huge for a small pup, while the same ones would be swallowed whole by a larger one. Get a good size that will allow them to chew it and really taste the goodness.

If your dog has teeth issues, make sure not to get something that is going to make their situation worse or even hurt them. You don’t want to put them in the position to want to eat something, but not being able to because of the pain. Choose something soft instead.

Got Bones?

Big bones, small bones, plain bones, meaty bones, bones to gnaw on, bones to devour — the choice is endless! The difficult part is making the actual decision.

You know your dog the best. If he has a sensitive tummy, you might want to stick with the plain variety. You might also look into grain-free and/or those with limited ingredients. You don’t want to end up with a sick pooch on Christmas. That would be bah-humbug for everyone!

Favorite Toys

If your dog is the playing-with-toys type, a new one might be exactly what’s on his list. Look at his current toys. Are they needing to be replaced? That can sometimes be the easiest gift of all! Your pup might take Yummy Dog Bone on Beda little while to warm up to the new addition to his toy box, but soon he’ll realize that it’s just a new rendition of his favorite. Of course, there’s a chance that he keeps going back to the broken, torn-in-half toy no matter what you do. Gotta love that crazy pooch of yours!

Dressing the Part

Does your pooch look forward to having a pretty bow in her hair or a tough-looking bandana around his neck? Then take this time to find him something spectacular to wear! Be careful of bells or some other adornment that makes sound. Some your dog will love; others might freak him out.

Also, if a bow is her style, make sure it doesn’t pull her hair or come off too easily. You might just wake up and find her playing with her new ‘toy’!

So this Christmas morning, delight in the look on your pup’s face when they see what goodies are in their stocking. After all, they still believe in Santa, don’t they?