Animal Dog Pet Cute It’s been months of being stuck inside during the cold winter months, and you’re ready to get out and travel this Spring Break!

But not everybody in your family is looking forward to spring break this year, especially your dog or cat.  While you’re off having fun, it’s important to make sure your pets are as well!

Few of us have the option of taking our four-legged kids along with us on spring break or vacation, and while some pets board well, others do not.  Some pets experience separation anxiety, and other pets, particularly older ones, are nervous in the noisy environment of a kennel.  The solution for pet care in your absence isn’t always an easy one.  Your kid has a set routine and feels safe in their home environment, where they are surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells.

At Waggy Tails Pet Sitting + Dog Walking, we offer parents and their four-legged kids an alternative to conventional boarding or imposing on a friend, neighbor, or relative you may have had pet sit for you in the past.  We offer pet owners professional pet care right in their homes, where your kids feel safe and secure.  We provide personalized care that’s tailored to your pet’s individual needs.  We ensure your kid stays on their regular diet, and we schedule walks and playtime to make certain your pet receives both the attention and exercise they need.  Also, caring for your dog or cat in your own home assures you that they will not be exposed to other pets with illnesses.Cat Sitting Inside

Our clients appreciate the fact that their four-legged kids are in the care of an experienced professional pet sitter.  There is no need to schedule a drop-off or pickup at a boarding facility, and you’ll be greeted at the front door by a pet with a wagging tail that is happy to have been able to stay in the comfort of their own home.

Did you know that we offer other additional services that might interest you, including complimentary plant watering and bringing in the mail?

If you’d like to give your four-legged kid a break this spring break, contact us today and really enjoy your vacation!