Puppy SittingA couple training tips to ensure your puppy develops into a well-rounded dog.

1. Poop and Pee Here, Not There You puppy should always be in one of two place: under your watchful eye or in his crate.  Take him out to his “spot” ever couple of hours (no more than 2 hours apart).  Once he does his business give him a couple small treats right away.  Stay out a little longer to see if he needs to go again before returning inside.

2. Chew This, Not That – Provide your puppy with some interesting chew toys that will not come apart in his mouth.  Kongs are always a good choice.  Don’t leave them all out at one time to become boring.  Instead rotate them every day to ensure that a new, novel toy is available to be chewed on.  If your puppy is not under your watchful eye there is always the possibility that he will be chewing on your new kitchen table.

3. Humans are Not Dogs – When puppies bite they are gauging the amount of force needed for a reaction.  By accepting a few gentle, and then yelling “OUCH!” when it becomes too hard, we can teach our puppies to bite more softly.  After yelling “OUCH!” ignore the puppy for a few minutes or put him in his crate if need be.

4. The World is a Fun Place – The imprinting “socialization” phase of a dog’s life ends when he is about 18 weeks old.  It is important that we introduce them to people, places, and events that may happen in their lives in a fun, but safe way.  This shows puppies that their world is safe place, and there is no reason for them to be fearful of it.