Three PupsWhen you bring a new puppy into your household, it can be a lot like having a new baby.

You suddenly have a new member of the family wants to play at all hours of the day, needs bathroom breaks every several hours, and WILL find ways to entertain itself if its left on its own for any length of time!  If you want to establish a successful relationship with your new additional right from the start, and you do not work from home, you will need a puppy sitter that you can call.

Here are Waggy Tails Pet Sitting + Dog Walking’s top 5 reasons why you need a puppy sitter:

1. Potty Training Schedules will stay consistent.  If your puppy does not have access to the outdoors every few hours, he/she will start to think that the inside is a place to potty – not a fun situation!

2. Basic Training Reinforcement of the new skills your puppy is learning – like sit, down, stay, come.  If training is left for only the weekends you will have a much steeper learning curve for your puppy.

3. Exercise during a puppy’s waking hours can mean the difference between a puppy tearing the house apart and a calm, content puppy welcoming you home at the end of your day.Happy Pup Rolling in Grass

4. Peace of Mind knowing that your puppy is receiving interaction during the day can make a day at work away from your new pup much more bearable.  No more “feeling bad” about your puppy being at home.

5. Professional Pet Sitters know what to look for in a puppy to ensure they are leading a happy and healthy life.  They are great resource for tips and tricks of the trade for new puppy parents.

Waggy Tails Pet Sitting + Dog Walking offer Express Visits at $10 a visit when booking for 5 days a week, that would be perfect for families with new puppies.  Schedule one, two, or several visits a day to ensure that your pup is getting the needed “potty breaks.”