Waggy Tails Policies

Please refer to our contract when signing up for services, to review our full set of policies.


This is our chance to meet you and your pets.  Your primary pet sitter/dog walker will come over to your home and go over your client and pet information forms and get to know your pet’s routine.  We’d be happy to go on a trial walk at this time if you would like.  This is a great time for us to get acquainted with your pets and their home environment.  It is always a free meeting, and we will not book services until we have met both you and your pets.

If it has been over 1 year since we last cared for your pets we may require an additional consultation to become re-acquainted with your pets and their routine.  You may also request a second consultation at any time to meet additional sitters/walkers or review visit routines.  There will be a $20 fee for this additional meeting.

Key Policy

Clients will provide Waggy Tails with two working sets of keys – please check to ensure that they both work.  There will be a $10 key cutting fee if only one set of keys is provided.  If you decide to ask us to keep your keys on file, they will be kept in a secure, coded location to be used for future services, under our “Ready Key” plan.  This allows for booking to be done quickly over the phone or web for future services.

If your keys are not ready for us at the Initial Consultation there will be a $10 charge for the extra visit to pick up your keys.  The fee will also apply if you prefer for your keys to be dropped off after completion of services.  We never suggest locking keys in the house after the last visit due to unforeseen travel emergencies or delays.

Visit Policy

We require a minimum of 2 visits per day for dogs.  Our recommendation is 2 or 3 visits per full day that you are away.  For cats we require a once daily visit.  Our minimum visit requirements are based on our experience as professional pet sitters.

Last Minute Reservations

Any pet sitting request made with less then 48 hours notice before the first scheduled visit will incur a $5 per visit surcharge, with a maximum total charge of $20.  Any dog walk scheduled on the same day as the walk will incur a $5 surcharge.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy applies to all  reservations which have been booked and confirmed via email through our online reservation system.  There are no refunds for client late departures or early returns. 

Pet Sitting: Waggy Tails charges a cancellation fee of 50% of the pet sitting reservation if cancelled less then 48 hours before service starts.

Dog Walking: To cancel a mid-day dog walk contact  us by the day prior to the walk. Cancellations made the day of the walk will be charged in full for the walk.

Holiday Cancellations: During the holiday period (any reservation that includes a holiday surcharge) any confirmed reservation which is subsequently canceled is charged a cancellation fee totaling 50% of the pet sitting reservation.

WT does not offer refunds, however any remaining balance will be credited towards future services.

Holiday Pet Sitting Fees

Holidays – $7 surcharge per visit, $20 surcharge per overnight

On the following holidays there is a $7 holiday fee per visit: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve.

Overnights on holidays incur a $20 holiday fee.  Dog Walking clients must contact us to book walks on these days if they are needed.

Severe Weather

In the event of inclement weather, natural disaster, or national emergency, we will use our best judgment in caring for your pets and home.  Service times or lengths of visits may be altered to allow us to accommodate all clients, and to keep your pets safe.  In the event of temperature extremes (temperatures that feel as over 95 F or below 15 F), time outdoors will be limited to 15 minutes to ensure the safety of your pets and our sitters.

Aggression & Uncontrollable Pets

We reserve the right to refuse service or terminate service at any time before or during visits if your pet shows any form of human-aggression towards a pet sitter.  In an extreme situation where we can not complete the service as scheduled, we will contact you for further instructions, but our sitters will not put themselves in danger.  If your dog is uncontrollable on-leash or pulls excessively we may require the use of an alternate halter/leader/collar to ensure a safe walk for all involved.  We are able to handle moderate dog aggression towards other animals by avoiding the situation, however we reserve the right to refuse service based on your dog’s size, weight, or seriousness of aggression.