Dog Food BowlJust like you, your pet needs vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in its diet for proper growth and development. Unfortunately, your pet is not getting what you may think it’s getting when you feed it commercial-grade pet foods.

You are what you eat and the kind of food your pet eats will definitely have an impact on the overall quality of its health and quantity of life. The problems associated with poor quality nutrition are seen every day in veterinary offices around the world. These include weight gain, increased incidence of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, skin and coat problems, hip dysplasia and allergies.

Dogs and cats require high quality protein, fat, fiber, water and easily absorbed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for optimal health. “Human-grade” quality meats are more easily digested than corn or soy and they have a better amino acid profile than grain or vegetable based proteins. Therefore, you will want to look for a premium blend that uses high quality (human-grade) animal proteins such as chicken, lamb, venison, buffalo, duck, rabbit, fish and other sources of animal protein.

Along with a premium quality pet food, your pet needs a constant supply of cool, clean water. Our bodies are approximately 70% water, cats about 67% and dogs are approximately 60% water. Water is second only to oxygen (O2) as a nutrient needed for optimal health and function.

Tap water is not what you or your pet should be drinking. Many municipal water systems add chlorine to the water to kill bacteria and that trace amount of chlorine has been linked to causing specific forms of cancer. In addition, the natural compounds in water combine with chlorine to create dangerous byproducts, thus increasing the production of free radicals, which have been connected to more than 70 diseases in humans. Some municipalities also put fluoride in the water system. Excessive levels of fluoride in your pet’s system have been linked to liver and kidney damage, arthritis and cancer.

A pet that receives proper nutrition, will be energetic, have bright eyes, a shiny coat and tends to live a longer, fuller life.