Boxie PetMarch 20th is the first official day of spring. Winter in East Tennessee is a stunning sight and a magical time. However, there is nothing better than warm weather, blooming flowers, and being able to take our fur babies outside to play. As a pet parent, it’s pure bliss to watch them frolic after months indoors. What better way to celebrate and remember their happiness than reaching out to a local pet artist to capture the moment?

Knoxville is teeming with talented artist who are passionate about pets. In the nooks and crannies of our beautiful city are unique individuals each bringing their own special flair to their craft. Whether you are looking for a photographer, painter, or a sketch artist, the artists of Knoxville have you covered. We’ve put together a brief list to help get you started in your search.

Looking for something a little different? Boxie Pets isn’t your typical flat painting. Artist Rachel Travis offers paintings with dimensions similar to that of a shadow-box. Perfect for crafty types, these paintings are wonderful for those that love texture and depth in their personal space.

Art EleganceAnother local artist who offers a personal touch is Kelly of Faces Gone Wild. Kelly can be found all around town bringing joy to people by offering her face painting services, but she also creates lovely, realistic drawings of pets.

If you are looking for a photographer who has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of their subject, look no further than Lev Gross-Comstock of This accomplished photographer is a treasure in our own backyard and his ability to capture the soul of the animals that he photographs is truly awe-inspiring.

Wade Tipton of Gallery Portraits is another local gem. His portraits are elegant and lend ambience to any space with theirastonishing simplicity. Similarly, Regann Hunt-Royster of Art Elegance offers timeless, unique pieces. Her Acrylics epitomize refined taste.
Several of our local artists are experts at capturing the personalities of our pets. Two examples are Mike of Doodlewags and Jennie Huettel of Mountain Mutt Media. Mike specializes in light-hearted paintings of pets. Similar to Caricatures, his portraits allow pets the chance do things they might only fantasize about like munching on people food, napping on mounds of dog biscuits, or going on a bike ride.  Jennie is a talented photographer who is able to bring the personalities of the pets that she photographs to the forefront whether it be while they play fetch or sit before her camera, staring curiously.

Cindy Day Illustrations & WatercolorA few other wonderful choices are Noelle Bell Photography, Brassfield Creatives, and Cindy Day Illustrations and Watercolor. Each of these creative individuals will no doubt delight and please you with their dedication and high caliber of work.

Many of the artists featured in this post are philanthropists, animal activists, and widely recognized artists. So weather you simply want to celebrate spring, are looking for a Mother’s Day gift, or are searching for that perfect present for an upcoming birthday, be sure to support them!

Photos courtesy of the website’s of Boxie PetsCindy Day Illustrations and Watercolor, and Art Elegance.