In order to keep dogs healthy, you need to feed them the right amount of food

Determining how much to feed your dog will depend on a few factors …

-The type of food dogs are fed
-How many times a day they eat

-Their size

-Their metabolic rate

-The amount of exercise they get

On most dog food bags there is a suggested feeding label that you can refer to in order to help you decide how much to give. Most of the time the amounts on the table are how much your dog should have in 24 hours (not each feeding if you feed them multiple times a day.)

Puppies will need more feedings in a day than an adult dog will. Puppies should have 3+ feedings, while adult dogs should only need 2 feedings each day. Portion control is as important for dogs as it is for humans. Measuring makes it easier to know how much your dog is eating, which helps control your dog’s weight

Another thing to take into consideration is your dog’s lifestyle. If you have a very active dog you could give them more than you would want to give a dog that is inactive.

You will want to keep an eye on your dog to make sure they are not gaining or losing too much weight. If you notice that they are, you will want to adjust how much you are giving them each day.

Experts recommenddog eating that you do not just leave your dog’s food bowl out all day. By putting their food out at the same times each day, it teaches them that there is a meal schedule and that this is when they should eat. Not only does this also aid in house training your puppy by knowing when they need to go to the bathroom, but it will let you know if your dog is not feeling well and not eating. Most puppies will need to be taken out 20-30 minutes after eating. If you leave their food out all day, you will not really know when they eat throughout the day.

Unlike humans, dogs are quite happy eating the same thing every day. Changing their food too often can upset their stomach and cause diarrhea. There are some human foods that you can feed your dog, or give as a treat, but at the same time there are some that are very harmful and should be avoided.

These are foods that should be avoided:

Raw meat



Anything with caffeine





Dairy products


Any dairy product


If you have any concerns or questions your vet can also help in the process of deciding which type of food, and how much is best for your breed and size of dog.

photo credit: Dog Food Bowl via photopin (license)
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