Lisa – West Knoxville

Lisa moved to Knoxville from Birmingham in 2004 to marry her husband. In her previous career, Lisa was a freelance graphic designer. Her family now includes Lisa’s “babies,” two shih tzus named Reilly Roo and Penny Sue. According to Lisa, they are a “mess” (in the best possible way!).

Lisa never remembers a time in her life that she didn’t have a pet. Her first dog was a Standard Poodle named Pierre and a Calico Persian cat name Fluffy that were part of her life as a child. She loves all animals, except maybe snakes! She has had numerous cats, dogs, turtles, fish, chickens, geese, a rabbit, and horses throughout her life, but she fell in love with the shih tzu breed when she got her first shih tzu, Elliott. Elliott was very cold-natured all of his life, so Lisa started making him “clothes” many years ago, and she now sells these outfits at crafts fairs and on the internet.