I recently posted about losing my sweet boy Coda to bone cancer, and how much I appreciated the in-home vet care provided to me by The Visiting Vet, allowing me to say goodbye in the comfort of our own home.  When we learned of Coda’s cancer last fall I knew I wanted to do something that I’d kept putting off.  I wanted to get professional photos taken of us as a family.  I knew it wasn’t going to be the easiest task for the photographer, and I needed the right person who would be able to take on the job.  I was asking for “Christmas card – worthy” photos of 3 large dogs – who know their basic commands, but are not perfect angels :), two adults, and a 1 year old who had just learned to walk.  Needless to say I was asking for a lot!

I came across Jennie Huettel with Mountain Mutt Photography, and I knew we had found the right photographer!  She specializes in taking professional photos of dog and kids.  Perfect for us!  She actually takes the photos of the dogs up for adoption at Young Williams Animal Center, so if you follow Young Williams’ Facebook page, you’ve likely already seen her work.  She is happy to suggest a location to have the shoot, or you’ve welcome to have her come to your house and property if that’s more comfortable for you.  Jennie took our photos at Sequoyah Park and spent several hours making sure she had everything that we were looking for.  After loosing Coda this winter, the photographs mean even more to me and I’m so glad we did this together as a family.  I would highly recommend Jennie and Mountain Mutt Photography! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves …

Family Photo