Sweet CodaThis week I said good bye to my sweet boy Coda.

The bone cancer was too much for him to bare.  My dogs are a huge part of my life and words can’t describe how much I loved him. He was our “teddy bear” and a best friend to our daughter Paige. He brought immeasurable happiness to my life and I’ll be forever thankful that he chose us to be his family.  He can now go run across those fields without pain and that brings me peace.

Coda was only 9 years old and we lost him way too young, but we knew it was coming inevitably.  He was diagnosed with bone cancer in October 2013, and the prognosis was 2-4 months of life to live.  Unfortunately with his cancer being in his hip, amputation was not an option, and therefore other therapies would not have been helpful either.  As Coda began to slow down I knew it was time to consider making his last moments as peaceful and comfortable as I could, for both of us.

Several of our Waggy Tails clients had recommended Dr.Bea Moody, with The Visiting Vet, as a local veterinarian that makes house calls.  They spoke of her highly for both regular, yearly check-up visits, as well as an option for end of life services.  Although I love our vets at Tazewell Pike Animal Clinic, where we have always taken our three dogs, I really didn’t want to say goodbye to Coda at the vet’s office.  So I reached out to Dr.Moody initially through Facebook this past weekend, and she quickly responded that she would be available when I needed her, even though I’m not even one of her regular clients.

Coda’s quality of life started deteriorating faster then expected, and by Monday night we knew it was getting close to time.  I called and left Dr.Moody a message, and she quickly got back to me letting me know that she would rearrange her schedule to whatever was best for Coda and myself.  The next morning I didn’t have any doubt left and was at peace with the decision to let Coda leave his pain.  Dr.Moody made arrangements to come later that morning.

It was a tearful situation to meet her for the first time, but I couldn’t have asked for a more caring and compassionate individual to help me say goodbye to Coda.  There was no loading him up intp the car, which would have been quite painful for him, and driving him to the vet. Instead he was able to stay curled up on his cozy bed, while being in the comfort of his own home.  We both were able to peacefully say our goodbyes in private.  I’m extremely thankful to Dr.Moody for allowing us this experience.  She was extremely responsive, compassionate, and affordable, and I would highly recommend anyone in the tough position of thinking about their pet’s last moments to consider her services.

Dr.Bea Moody – The Visiting Vet – (865) 661-1570 – Facebook Page