Dog Walking by GardenIf you live in Knoxville or Oak Ridge you’re lucky to live in a community that cares about it’s canine citizens. 

Knoxville is home to a number of dog parks spread throughout the city and county, while Oak Ridge is following suit by constructing it’s first dedicated off-leash dog park this year.  If you’ve never been to a dog park with your furry family member before, it’s time to check one out!  Here is our guide to Knoxville and Oak Ridge’s dog parks:

1. Charter Doyle Pet Safe Dog Park – This park was recently opened in 2011 to serve South Knoxville’s residents by providing a safe place for their dog’s to play on 2 acres of land within Charter Doyle Park at 5100 West Martin Mill Pike.  The area is well-shaded by mature cedar trees, and even boasts two separate areas for large and small dogs, complete with a dog water fountain and waste stations.

2. Dogwood Park – Opened in 2007, this was Knoxville’s first public dog park located within Victor Ashe Park in the Western Avenue area.  It features a 1 acre off-leash area complete with a puppy playground that includes hill structures, a jump, and a tunnel.  This dog park was named the country’s Dog Park with the Best Setting in a Dog Fancy Magazine article.

3. Holston River Petsafe Dog Park – This park recently opened in 2012, located within the Holston River Park.  It’s a two-acre dog park that features separate areas for large and small dogs, a fire hydrant, and dog water fountain, conveniently located to serve East Knoxville residents.

4. PetSafe Downtown Dog Park –  A well used one-acre dog park located in the downtown Knoxville area that opened Dogs by the Lakein2010.  Complete with small and large dog areas, human/dog water fountains, and even an infiltration system that prevents pollutants from entering nearby First Creek.  The entrance was specially designed to complement the surrounding downtown buildings.

5. Tommy Schumpert Park – This is another nice dog park in the North Knoxville area of Fountain city.  It’s unique in that it has a pond and dock specifically made for dogs.  The local Dock Dogs club practices here, and you’ll often see dogs enjoying swimming and fetching sticks.  This park is also divided into two separate areas – one for small dogs and one for big, along with the pond area separately fenced off in case your dog is not a swimmer.

When visiting a dog park please remember to follow a few simple guidelines to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time.  Cleaning up after your pet, making sure your pet has a collar, and supervising your dog’s actions will help to ensure a successful dog park trip.  Hope to see you out there!