Dogs with a Huge RopeLooking for a toy to keep your dog stimulated, occupied, while keeping your dog’s mind turning?

Check out our recommendations for some of the best interactive toys uses the newest advances in canine technology.

1. Nina Ottosson’s Trubble Dog Puzzle Toy

The pricey Trubble Dog Puzzle taxes your dog’s brain quite steeply too. The dog must search for treats by moving blocks on the board that are on a serpentine track with just one opening. The dog must figure out that moving the blocks opens the treat hole. You can teach him commands like “go forward” and “go back” so that he learns gradually and you can increase the challenge. It’s $52 at

2. Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl

The Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl will entertain your dog (or at least appear to because when does the prospect of food not entertain your dog?) as she manipulates the sliders to reveal food and treats. It will slow down her eating habits because she has to figure out how to operate it to eat. You will have a good show to witness yourself too. It costs $16 at

3. Gazillion Bubble Machine

The Gazillion Bubble Machine makes over 500 bubbles a minute so your dog is really going to have to work it to get those numbers up all the way to a gazillion. This thing is hilarious when they get it to produce bubbles and then attack the bubbles with extreme prejudice. Requires a few AAs and you have to clean it out once in a while to keep it working right. It retails for $ 16 at

4. Babble Ball

Having Fun with a BallJust like the name says, your dog plays with the ball and it starts babbling which leaves your pet enthralled and baffled at the sheer mystery of the world. Buy one cheap at for only $6.

5. Nina Ottosson Dog Magic

Dog Magic is like a shell game for canines whereas if they don’t guess right, they’re out of a treat. The nose really knows with this one. It’s durable and safe. It retails for $35 at FRONTGATE.

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