Tired Pup after PlayingIf you’re shivering in your snow boots, then it might be one of those days you don’t feel like going out to play with your pup.

Even if you go for a few minutes, you probably won’t last for long.

Here are some activities you and your dog can do together on those days that are better suited for indoor play!

Smelling It Out

Dogs are gifted with a great sniffer so why not use it for a fun game? Hide a toy, treat, or anything else your doggie desires, under a separate kind of container. The key is that they can’t see it. Then, as they’re sitting there trying to figure out what their crazy human is doing, get them excited by pointing to the containers. See if they can sniff out their desired prize. Once they do, it’s time to celebrate! Of course, that probably means eating the prize so they probably don’t want to waste too much time with the celebrating part.

Plowing Through Their Own Obstacle Course

This requires some kind of furniture, of sorts, that isn’t the delicate type. You can also choose crates or stools or really anything that fits the bill. You don’t want something broken or ruined if your pup accidentally tips it over. Think about his safety! Choose pieces they can crawl under, jump over, or climb up. Be creative so your dog will be, too.

Now, your dog may be on one end or the other of the activity spectrum: lazy and not interested or active and excited. With the latter, you might actually have to hold him back a little to make sure he doesn’t do something you’ll both regret. Your lazy pooch will be energized by the promise of treats, so you’re probably good to go with him.

The Fascination with Stairs

What is is with dogs and stairs? They either love them or hate them. If you have a lover on your hands, simply throw their favorite toy down and have them fetch it. Up and down they go. Just be sure you don’t have an overly zealous dog that results in injury rather than fun! After five minutes, it might be nap time!

Fetch Inside…Really?

Pup Playing with TreatThis is totally dependent on what kind of flooring and room layout you have in your home. If you have hardwood throughout and not a lot of rugs to soften the jagged edge of dog nails, then it might be best to skip this one. However, if you have carpet, or some kind of flooring they can’t damage, this could be great fun for both of you. Once he gets the hang of indoor fetch, he’ll realize that being stuck inside all day isn’t such a bad thing.

The cold weather can affect us all in some way or another. However, even if he can’t go for a relaxing walk, he can definitely get his activity quotient filled right inside his own cozy home. The best part? You don’t have to take off layers of clothing before hunkering down with your pooch for a much needed (and deserved!) snooze.