Cat OutdoorsGoing green can enrich your cat’s life and improve his health.

According to, “psychologically greening” is the art of tapping into the natural instincts and drives of a particular species in order to achieve balance in the animal’s life.

Giving your feline friend this kind of balanced environment will help ease problematic behaviors such as chasing.

Here are a few of’s ways to provide nurturing experiences and improve your cat’s psychological health:

The Catio: Outdoor enclosure connected to a residence, which provides the enjoyment and mental stimulation associated with exploring the outdoors — in the safety of an enclosure. To create your own Catio, see Catio Showcase or to purchase your Catio see CageByDesign.Gray Cat Walking

The Cat Harness: Come With Me Kitty cat harness and leash allows cats to explore the outdoors safely beside their owners.
Available at Premier.

The Play Pen: Tapping into you cat’s prey drives, chase drives, and engaging them in games using their teeth, claws and more, are healthy ways to provide positive outlets for behavior. Pet Gear Home ‘N Go Pet Pen is a portable play pen for animals weighing 30lbs or less to express these drives. Available at PetSmart.

For more information on creative ways to go green and stimulate your feline friends’ inner balance, see

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