Doggie Bath in a SinkBath time for a dog can be similar to that of a toddler: messy, exhausting, and time consuming. Let’s take a moment to discuss just how often that pup of yours should be put under the faucet.

What Kind of Dog Is He?

Some pups can be bathed once every couple of months and still smell fresh; others tend to start smelling a little “doggish” after a couple of weeks. Long hair, short hair, normal skin, sensitive skin, winter, summer — you name it and there’s different criteria that you’re supposed to follow.

In reality, you know your dog. You know when he starts smelling or itching more than usual. Maybe his fur gets kind of a greasy feeling. Make a record of when you bathe him. You’ll soon find a schedule that works for both of you.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Of course you want your dog to smell nice and not be stinky. As a pet owner, you don’t want to know your dog is coming before even seeing him! You might be tempted to bathe him — a lot — to avoid that from happening. Be warned, however, that bathing him too much can cause the skin of even non-sensitive pooches to turn flaky, dry, and itchy. You definitely don’t want to do that to your poor pup!

Don’t Forget His Ears!

A dog’s ears can be a source of great discomfort if they go uncleaned. The good news is that it’s a very simple task to do and, for healthy ears, you don’t need anything special in order to do it. Wiping a clean tissue along the inner ear flap and ear canal (not too far!) can be enough to rid your pup of some irritating dirt and grime. Take heed especially in the hotter months when buildup can really be an issue.

Make it Enjoyable

Big Dog Getting a BathBath time for dogs needs to be something you start early on in your dog/parent relationship. It might never be the most enjoyable thing in the world for you but, if you can make it fun for your dog, it’ll be so much easier for the both of you.

Decide how you want to make this fun. Could it be a special treat? Could he hold his favorite toy while getting sprayed and scrubbed? Whatever it is, make sure it fits your dog’s desires. The quicker they can relate bath time to some kind of reward, the quicker your life gets easier.

Where Should I Bathe Him?

In the summer when it’s nice and hot outside, a squirt with the hose and some soap can do the job. In the winter months, you might want to move the event indoors — either in your house or a business that has dog washing tubs available inside. You want him to be comfy so do what you need to do to make that happen.

Look at pup bath time as an adventure. How can you make it fun but still accomplish what you need to accomplish? It might take some misses before you strike the perfect balance that suits both you and your stinky little pooch.