Beagle in KennelKnoxville offers a variety of choices for dog, cat, and other pet owners who must leave behind their pet family members when they travel. 

For many people, the kennel is the first choice that pops into mind when considering what to do with their pets, but now there are many more choices when looking for the best care option for your pets.  Two popular choices in Knoxville are using a dog kennel or hiring a professional pet sitter, so let’s take a look at the these two options!

Knoxville Dog Kennels

When your pet stays at the kennel you know that their basic needs of food and care will be taken care of, and they are staying in a safe and secure place.  However some things to consider are:

* Do you have to pay an extra fee for your pets to receive playtime and exercise?

* Will you be able to pick up your pet when you return home over the weekend, or will you have to wait until the kennel is “open” on Monday?

* Are you certain that none of the other pets in the kennel have highly contagious diseases such as kennel cough?

* Will your dog or cat be comfortable in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by unfamiliar pets, people, and smells?

Knoxville Pet SittingHappy Dogs Playing

Waggy Tails Pet Sitting + Dog Walking is a professional pet sitting and dog walking company that offers many advantages over traditional dog boarding and kennels for about the same price.  For families with multiple pets our services can actually be more affordable then a kennel!

When you choose a pet sitter you and your pet have many benefits to look forward to:

* Individual love and attention for your pets, several times per day

* Your pets remain in their comfortable home environment

* No risk of exposure to disease or other animals

* Dog walks and playtime every day is included!

* No travel stress

* Your dogs will be at home to welcome you when you return

* Your home will have a lived in appearance – complimentary home care services

* You will have complete peace of mind knowing your pets are being cared for by a professional

* We are only a phone call away!

Visit the Waggy Tails website for more information on our rates and services!