Puppy PumpkinFive pet safety tips courtesy of Pet Sitters International to ensure your pet has a “howling good time” this Halloween.

1. Don’t leave your pets out in the yard. There are horror stories out there about the “pranks” played on pets on Halloween night.  Even if you don’t normally bring in your pets at dark, do so on this night.

2. Look out for flaming pumpkins! No matter how beautiful Jack-O-Lanterns are with a flickering candle inside, they can be a huge danger to our pets that don’t know the danger of the small fire inside.  Place Jack-O-Lanterns where they can’t be knocked over the swinging tail of a curious cat or an over zealous dog.

3. Know when to say “No!” Dogs and cats may love the smell of Halloween candy as much as your kids, but Trick-or-Treat goodies are not for your pets.  Chocolate is poisonous to pets, but so is the sugar substitute xylitol and the stray candy wrapper.

4. Make it safe inside. If you’re having a party make sure that your pets are in a room where they won’t be disturbed.  Be sure to check on them throughout the night and reassure them that everything is all right.

5. Prevent “The Great Escape.” Keeping your dogs on leash when opening the door to little goblins is a great idea, even if your pets enjoys the guests and is having a great time.  Once a dog darts through the door, its familiar neighborhood can become a unfamiliar and scary territory on Halloween night.

Best wishes from Waggy Tails for a safe and happy Halloween!