FunkyMutt ShopI just discovered the FunkyMutt shop on Etsy, and I’m in love, especially with their tagline ….

The story behind their online store is truly a labor of love –

“How did Funky Mutt begin? A rather simple question that I am often asked, and I always smile as a preface to the answer: “With a GREAT cause”… 200 collars were made by Funky Mutt to donate for a local ‘no kill’ animal shelter in desperate need of a new location. The rescue needed to be rescued. Their current location was very unsuitable, as it often flooded, became infested with every know insect to man, and was in a terrible location. The volunteers were able to raise over $20,000 dollars in one day for the cause, and needless to say, they (the shelter organization) found their new home! With that said, Funky Mutt (having sold all 200+ collars) began it’s operation. The orders were pouring in. Three sewing machines later, an addition for a studio, and countless hours of research/development, Funky Mutt was on it’s way!”

I’m loving some of their Holiday Collars that would be perfect for all of the lovable canines in your life!  Check out the FunkyMutt shop for more info.