Cats Jumping and PlayingIt’s that time of year and your little furball is waiting impatiently to see what’s under the tree for him.

Okay, maybe not, but they can feel the excitement in the air. Isn’t it only fair that they get a little something they never knew they wanted?


What cat doesn’t love getting his scratch on? There are so many different scratch posts for you to choose for your kitty. Flat ones that they can chase a ball around on; scratchers they can climb up; even one that resembles a turntable and can make him feel like he’s the DJ playing music for his pals. There is definitely not a lack of choices!

Who’s Got Some Catnip?

If it’s a toy with catnip, you know your cat will go crazy for it. There are all sorts of toys with organic catnip to entice and engage him. There are some really unique shapes and designs out there to ensure his neighbor won’t have the same one. We couldn’t have that!

Follow the Laser

Lasers can keep your kitty on-the-go for hours! Choose a safe laser for him to chase and hunt and watch him go! Luckily, it doesn’t require a lot of work on your end but your cat won’t mind. He’ll be too busy trying to pounce on the ever-moving light. It’s great when you want to relax and be entertained!

A Fluffy Pal to Call His Own

Every a cat needs something soft and fuzzy to play with during the day. There is a variety of plush toys that fit the bill. Ones like stuffed mice with rattles (even some with a real fur covering!); others with the ever-enticing catnip. With toys like this there won’t ever be a time your cat won’t have something to play with, lick, or attack!

Who’s the Good Little Kitty?

Treat dispensing is always a favorite for animals — cats included! Why not have him work a little for a yummy goodie? It keeps them occupied and provides good stimulation. Even after they are awarded their prize, they may still play with it in the hopes that there might be a little something left behind. Hope is a good thing!Kitty Relaxing and Playing

Let’s Get Them Interacting

It’s good for all of us to have someone — or something — to interact with to help mental agility. These toys can help keep them active too. Using their paws to try and hit a ball that magically comes back upright or chasing a ball around in circles, it’s something that they love and is good for them.

Cats can be great fun around the Holidays. Show them your love by treating them with something they’ll cherish almost as much as they do you.

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