Dog ScratchingFLEAS. Who doesn’t immediately begin to itch when you hear this word?

Fleas are pests. Plain and simple. If you or your pets have not had an encounter with a flea at some point in your life then you are one of the lucky ones! Whoever came up with the phrase “He couldn’t harm a flea” obviously is one of the few who hasn’t!

Fleas, what do they do?

Well let’s start with this: cause havoc! Fleas land on a host, your pet. Once they have landed and get cozy they feed. How do they feed? Well they basically bite open the skin and drink the blood. They then are full from that little meal so they are free to mate and lay eggs. Then, they feed some more. One or two fleas are all it takes to set up a rather large family tree which results in a very bothersome infestation.

So what can you do? Let’s talk about a game plan.

As with anything, prevention is the best key to avoid a flea infestation. You can achieve this by trying to keep the fleas at bay and away from your house and your pets (and of course you as well)!

Here are a few things you can do to help prevent a flea infestation in your home or on your pets:

–       Groom and bathe your pets regularly.

–       Vacuum frequently to pick those pests up!

–       Keep your pet healthy! An unhealthy pet is the perfect host for fleas.

–       Mow and keep your grass short.

–       Trim shrubs and plants.

–       Keep leaf debris to a minimum.

–       Keep trash cans tightly closed. Rodents that are on the prowl for your trash carry fleas!

–      Contact your local pest control company. Discuss organic pest control options for your lawn and shrubs.

In addition to prevention you will also need a protection plan.Itchy Cat

There are a variety of options to prevent flea infestations on your pet:

Oral – This is a pill form that works wonders. It will not wash out and is not messy when applied to your pet. It will protect the entire body.
Spray on It kills on contact which can be helpful. There are toxic side effects for pets and humans so be sure to do your research before making your decision.
Spot on These are also highly effective options. Many people find this option to be the best. It’s cost effective, easy to use, and lasts for a month. It kills the flea when it bites.

Now should you find your pet infested, immediately wash them in hot, soapy water. This will drown the fleas. Then immediately treat them with one of the options above (follow the dosing instructions carefully – do not apply any flea prevention medication more than the instructions call for).   You will also need to completely clean your home from top to bottom. This may entail having your carpets treated. Wash all bedding, and vacuum the entire home and furniture.

As always, please ensure you consult with your vet to achieve the best results for you and your pet, and get rid of those fleas once and for all!  So tell us, what’s your preferred method of flea prevention? 

photo credits: Scratching via photopin (license)My latest ninja move via photopin (license)