Poodle in ParkIf you live in Farragut, Tennessee and are the proud Mom or Dad of much loved dog, then you’ve got some great options for getting out and about with Fido.

Make plans this weekend to spend some fun in the sun with your dog.  Let’s take a look at 4 great options for dog friendly activities in Farragut.

1. Concord Dog Park Located at 10909 S. Northshore Drive in Farragut on 4 acres of land, this is the perfect dog park for dogs of all sizes and activity levels.  You’ve got separate fenced-in areas for both large and small dogs to play in.  If your pooch is a water lover, there is a canine swimming area complete with a dog jumping dock and access ramps to the water.  If you prefer to stay on dry land, there are walking trails, and both stone and grass run areas.  Ready to take your dog home after a long afternoon of fun and don’t feel like getting the car all muddy?  There is even a dog wash station for your convenience.

2. Go Shopping! You’ve got both a Petco Animal Supplies (169 Brooklawn St.) and a PetSmart (11134 Parkside Drive) in Farragut, which give you plenty of opportunity to expose your dog to the sights and sounds of a store, while picking up some of their favorite toys and treats.  Our favorites are the deer antler bones.  The dogs love them and they last much longer and are much safer than rawhides.

3. Get a Sweet Treat Just out side of Farragut, you’ve got a Bruster’s Ice Cream in the Cedar Bluff area.  The great thing about Bruster’s is that your canine friends can enjoy a cool refreshing treat right along with you.  They give FREE Doggy Sundaes to each canine visitor that stops by the store.  With plenty of picnic tables and umbrellas for shade, its a great after dinner activity to enjoy with your pet during the summer months.

4. Hike the Greenways Farragut is home to 4 greenway trails that connect many of the neighborhoods and parks.  Turkey Dogs in Dog ParkCreek Greenway is a popular choice that runs 1.6 miles of tree-lined asphalt trail connecting with Anchor Park.  Grisby Chapel Greenway is another option providing a longer trail length at 2.25 miles of asphalt trail.

If you live in Farragut, Tennessee I hope you’ll take advantage of these 4 wonderful ways to include your doggy family members in your next outing.  Taking off on summer vacation or stuck at work late (we hope not!)?  Waggy Tails is here to be your dog’s, or cat’s, “fill-in best friend” while you are away.  Check out our pet sitting and dog walking options.

photo credits: 2011/07/06 via photopin (license);
photo credit: dog park photos via photopin (license)