Doggie BatIt’s Halloween! You love dressing up almost as you love dressing up your pet. The question now is: What will Spot/Whiskers be this year?


Pet costumes can be the most talked about part of this spooky occasion, but you have to be creative and mindful to your pet’s comfort and ease. How do you marry the two parts to make one happy pet in a costume?

Simple Doesn’t Mean Lame

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! It’s…a bat? Sure enough, an easy DIY costume is to create a set of bat wings on a stiff headband-like contraption that fits comfortably over the back of your pet. Or for larger dogs, add them to a collar. Which one your pet will tolerate will have to be a little test.

Does your dog see like he never wants to grow up? Maybe he’s the perfect Peter Pan!. A cute little green hat and outfit can make your pooch stand out in a crowd. Don’t forget the ‘sword’!

Hats Only, Please

For pets who don’t like to dress up, you can possibly get away with only a hat. There are many costumes that don’t need the full attire to be effective and funPeter Pan Pup

Maybe your pup is the ultimate princess. For this, a simple, flowing hat will more than suffice.

What about your studly dog? If he’s more ‘king-like’, then a gold crown might suit him perfectly.

Maybe your precious kitty is feeling a bit witchy? Or your puppy who loves chasing balls becomes a baseball player. Easy peasy!

Ring Around the Neck

Some of the simplest costumes can be a ruff. Whether it’s a mane for a lion, a tutu for a ballerina, or a ruff for a clown, this is a quick and easy way to make your pet dressed to party for the occasion. And don’t all animals seem to be even cuter with their sweet faces highlighted?

Bring a Pumpkin for the Holiday

You can go the tried and true route with the pumpkin outfit. Add a little hat only or have an elaborate costume that covers most of their body. Either way, your pet can become your little pumpkin for the night.

A Word About Our Feline Friends

We all know cats can be a little more particular – and less tolerant – than a lot of dogs. Keep that in mind when you’re trying to figure out their costumes. Some simply will not wear anything, while others might surprise you with their acceptance. Whatever the case, remember this is supposed to be fun for all!

As you’re headed out for a stroll around the block on Halloween night or having a few (or a lot of friends) over for a rockin’ party, take particular care that your pet is nice and comfy in his costume…so he can take a nap.

Photo Sources: Jill Watson and