Leaping Dog with BallDespite how you may feel about your own job, it’s a known fact that dogs love to work.

Just like when us humans are passionate about our careers, we feel a sense of accomplishment when we complete a project well. Dogs are no different – whether it is getting your newspaper or reading with a child – dogs adore the attention, and the same sense of accomplishment that we feel.  Dogs with jobs get exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship, which are all things they desperately need.  Plus, by helping your dog with his/her job, you will enrich the bond and communication between you and your furry friend.

What kinds of jobs do dogs in Knoxville do?

There are many dogs that have an amazing impact on the day-to-day lives of their human companions.  Specially trained dogs see for the blind, hear for the deaf, and find the lost.  Other highly trained dogs can do extraordinary things such as detect cancer molecules, sniff out traces of peanut butter in foods, or track down bedbugs.  But fortunately for the average dog living with a family in Knoxville, he/she doesn’t need to go through the intensive training necessary for these types of specialized jobs, for your furry four-legged friend to still feel needed.

Sports, tricks, games, and obedience lessons are all satisfying games for your family dog.Flying Dog

All over Knoxville there are dogs taking obedience lessons or learning to navigate agility courses.  Others are diving off docks, competing in hunting trials, or playing flyball.  Make this the summer that you give your dog a job!  Here are some great links to get you started:

Smokey Mountain Dock Dogs – Dogs off all sizes compete to see who can jump the furthest, the highest, or swim the fastest off a dock

Big Orange Blast Flyball  – Highflying dogs competing with their owners in flyball competitions

HABIT (Human Animal Bond in Tennessee) – Volunteer therapy dogs and their owners working in local facilities

Photo credits: Big Orange Blast FlyballSmokey Mountain Dock Dogs