Close-up Dog on a LeashKnoxville is a great city to explore with your dog by your side, whether you are heading down to Market Square to eat on one of the dog friendly patios, or taking a stroll along the river at Ijams Nature Center.

We all want to know that we can take our dog places without worrying how he will respond to other animals, people, and objects.  But what do you do when your dog is the one who is barking, lunging, and basically pulling you along?  There are some important training steps to take to help your dog get over his leash aggression.

8 Dog Training Steps to Stop Leash Aggression:

1.  Do not avoid other dogs.  The best way to overcome leash aggression is to work on the problem rather than ignore it.

2. Buy a good training collar – the Halti or Gentle Leader is a great option for large dogs that you may have a hard time controlling when excited.

3. Take an obedience class.  What better and easier way to practice loose-leash walking around other dogs, than at a class full of dogs all working to improve their obedience?

4. Accept that leash aggression won’t end over night.

5. Stay relaxed and don’t yell.  If you are relaxed and hold a loose-leash your dog will have an easier time staying relaxed.

6. Don’t allow your dog to walk in front.  Keep him at your side at all time so that you are in control and you will not have to pull him back when you see another dog.

7.  Recognize the early sign of aggression and correct the dog right away.

  • Pretend you don’t see the other dog and keep the leash loose.Doggie on a Leash
  • Give a correction such as saying “Hey” or a quick leash “pop” to redirect the dog’s attention.
  • If needed put the dog in a sit position with his back to the other dog until he relaxs
  • Correct the dog before the behavior escalates into aggression.

8. Walk your dog every day.  In order for your dog to learn that it is no big deal to see other dogs, he needs to around more dogs. Visit different places, walk in new neighborhoods, practice walking by your friends’ dogs.  Many aggressive dogs are not getting the daily socialization and exercise that they need.  Consider hiring a professional dog walker in Knoxville to ensure that your dogs are getting the exercise that they need, and that your dog walker will continue to apply appropriate dog training techniques to stop leash aggression.

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