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It is normal for us to put our food on our tables or kitchen counters. That’s how we do things in our house. We could just leave them without any worries. But if you have a pet dog, there is a fat chance that the food you stalled there can disappear. Is it a form of magic? Or is it just your dog playing naughty on you?

I am pretty sure that your dog has done this deed once or twice. Once the dog gets comfortable in your home, your fur friend would suddenly hop to every part of it. From your furniture down to your small appliances, these creatures won’t let them leave unscathed. Of course, this happy and lively side of your dog is amusing to watch. But too much of it can disturb the tidiness of your abode.

Fortunately, this habit of theirs can get tamed. If you can teach your dog where to eat the dry dog food or where to potty, then you can show this trick, too. In fact, you can already learn the basics here. Let’s start now!

Counter Surfing

That daily activity of your dog in which he loves to dwell and hop on your furniture is called counter surfing. Usually, they do this on your kitchen counter when there is food place on there. Since they love munching so much, they would do everything to get their share. Of course, your dog will never realize that this is bad.

If the dog is agile or big, counter surfing is too easy for them. The dog can just reach any home furnishing that you have. If the dog is fast, your fur buddy can just bounce their way there. If they are big, they would only have their legs prop to the table or counter. After these incidents, you’ll notice that your dinner or breakfast is not there anymore. Your dog is smiling, but you are not. So should you hurt them? Of course, not. That’s not gonna solve anything.

Why Counter Surfing Happens

Your pet dog counter surfs because of a learned perception. During their tenure to your house, they have realized that your kitchen counter is a repository of delicious stuff. On the other hand, they usually hang out on your couches or chairs not because they are comfortable there. Instead, they concluded that these places are where you typically stay. Dogs would love to get close to their owners, so it is a given that they will chase and wait for you there.

If you remain complacent to these behaviors that are being exhibited by your dog, they will grow accustomed to it. Without apprehension, your dog would see that what they are doing is just okay and permitted. Take note that dogs are optimistic. They would only think that all of their activities are acceptable if you don’t correctly guide them.

How To Keep Your Dog off Furniture and Counters

Keeping your dog away from the restricted places in your house is one of the most significant travails that you can experience. But just like all problems, this one has several solutions. Here are some of them that you can try:

  • Don’t place food or any moving objects in your furniture or counters. Never store the favorite toy of your dog on places that you don’t want to get breached in the first place. Otherwise, they would still surf their way there, and there is nothing that you can do. If these items are present, then your dog will realize that there is no point in going to those places.
  • Always wipe and clean your kitchen table and counter once you are preparing your food. In this way, no residues or scent can attract your dog. As I said earlier, the more appealing the place is, the more they want to go there. If there is no reward, then they won’t do it. In time, they will learn that these parts of your house are not suitable for them to stay.
  • But still, the most efficient way to hamper counter surfing is by shutting those restricted places. If you are cooking in your kitchen, you should close its door or put a crate in where they cannot pass. I know that this is impossible to your living quarters since it is an open space. However, you can always do this with your kitchen. And it is essential that you should do this. Family food should not be mistaken for dog food. That’s a covenant that you should maintain.

The “Off” Command

You can do this trick to save your home furnishings from your dog.

  1. First, when the dog jumps to your counters, you have to put a treat right directly through his nose. That will get his attention. Once you had it, you can use the reward to lure away the dog from the cramped place and down to the floor. After this, you should say “off.”
  2. If the feet of the dog reach the ground, say “Yes” and give the treat. Just continue this exercise consecutively until your dog get conditioned to the “off” and “yes” commands. If your dog does not jump out immediately, then you have to lure your fur friend with the treat continuously. Some dogs would learn quickly while others have a long learning curve. Just don’t give up on them.


Teaching your dog how to avoid counter surfing your furniture and tables is a necessary thing. That preserves the sanctity and cleanliness of your home, which would contribute to its livability and conduciveness.

We all love our dogs. As much as possible, we don’t want to restrict them on their activities, as they are already a part of our family. But if they are too impolite or messy, it is the time that you should train them. When you make these correctional approaches, they will not harm your relationship with your pet. Instead, your furry friend will realize that it is just another way of showing love.

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