Cat Snuggled in Bed with Stuffed AnimalDo you think that you can’t afford pet sitting and that it is only for those with money to spare? Think Again!

Let’s imagine that you have a household of 2 cats and 2 dogs and you’re headed out of town for a weekend trip.  You’re considering boarding your pets at one of the local kennels, but you can’t stand the thought of them being kept in small kennels with little exercise or interaction.  So you decide to look into pet sitting to see if it is a viable option ……


Boarding Kennel: The 2 cats stay in a two cage “condo” for $22.95 a night
Pet Sitting: The cats’ care is included in the visits for the dogs so there is no additional charge


Boarding Kennel: The 2 dogs stay together in a small indoor/outdoor run for $40 a night, however that does not include feeding ($2 per feeding) or a 15 minute walk ($9 per dog)
Pet Sitting: The 2 dogs stay at home in their comfortable, safe home environment.  Visits start at $12 for an Express Visit and go up to $26 for a 1 hour visit.  Feeding, exercise, clean up, and care for up to 4 pets is included in this these rates, with the additional bonus of home care services such as bringing in the mail and alternating lights included at no additional cost.

Do your wallet and your pets a favor, and consider Waggy Tails Pet Sitting + Dog Walking the next time you head out of town.