We are all aware of halitosis and how bad it can be, but did you know that your dog can have halitosis (aka BAD breath!)? Have you ever wondered why your dog’s breath can smell so awful? There are many reasons, and some can be more complicated than your dog eating rotten food out of the garbage.

Dog with tongue hanging out

Periodontal disease is the top cause of bad breath in your dog. So if you are noticing that your furry friend has a long lasting bought of bad breath you should try looking in their mouth and under their lip.

Some of the signs that will let you know if your dog has periodontal disease are:

-Red, bleeding gums

-Brown mineralization on teeth

To prevent your dog from developing periodontal disease, you should follow the following guidelines to keep their teeth and mouth healthy.

-See your vet twice a year to have your dog’s mouth checked properly to make sure they are in good health.

-If needed have your vet do a deep clean on your dog’s teeth.

-It may seem silly, but just like humans you should brush and floss your dog’s teeth. Once a week is usually sufficient, but daily is better. Make sure you are using a toothpaste that is made for dogs.

-You should also feed your dog a good diet. Too much meat can be causing bad breath too. Just like us they need vegetables and rice in their balanced diet.

-Make sure that your dog has safe chew toys that will naturally clean their teeth as they chew on them. A rawhide bone is a great option. You can also purchase treats that are specific for dental issues in dogs.

Dog with Bone

If your dog’s mouth looks healthy and you are doing the above suggestions, your dog could have a digestive problem, which left untreated can become worse and cause bad breath.  You should always check with your vet first, but you can try adding some yogurt to your pet’s food.

Just like humans, dogs need to have regular health and dental checkups. By doing that you are sure to have a happy and healthy dog that will be around for a long time to keep you company.

photo credit: Phoebe (cute maltese) via photopin (license) and Gabbana- RETO SENTIDOS via photopin (license)