We all love our pets and want to keep them safe and comfortable in our home. Here are a few suggestions to help you have a pet friendly home that you and your pet can both enjoy.

dog at homeFirst and foremost you want to make sure you home is a safe place for your pet.

Here are a few suggestions that you might try that are great ideas not only for your pets, but children too.

-Put latches on cabinets to keep them out of chemicals that can be very harmful.

-Keep medicine up high and not in areas your pet can get into them.

-Make sure that anything that hangs is secured and hidden. Things like electronic cords, blind cords, or anything they could get caught in or pull over. Also keep in mind that animals love to chew on things, so keep all cords hidden or covered.

-Plants liven up our homes, but you will want to check and make sure that anything you have inside or outside of your home will not be dangerous for your pet if they were to eat it.

There are also some great tips on how to help you keep your home clean with a pet.dog in bath

-If you have a pet, carpet may not be the best option for you. Carpet requires a lot of maintenance like vacuuming and cleaning to keep it looking nice. Instead try tile or wood floors. They are much easier to maintain and keep clean.

-When picking out furniture there are some fabrics that are better than others if you have a pet. Leather and velvet are the two best ones to choose. They are easy to clean, and the velvet will not get caught on their claws and snag. If you are still worried about your pet ruining your couch, try using a slip cover to keep them directly off the fabric. They are easy to clean and a great alternative.

-Keeping your pet clean and well groomed will also aid in keeping your home clean. You need to keep their toenails short and trimmed. By doing this they will be less likely to scratch your furniture. Also to cut down on the amount of hair that your dog sheds, try brushing them often

-Pets need a place of their own where they can go to get away from things that might be bothering them, or just rest. Pick out a space that is quiet and not in direct sunlight. Put their bed or crate there as well as their favorite toys.

-Last but not least make sure that your pet gets plenty of exercise. By getting them outside to run off their energy they will be less likely to chew on and destroy things in your home.

Hopefully by implementing these ideas in your home you and your pet will have a place to relax and spend time together, without the dangers that could harm them.

photo credit: Unrepentant [Explored 7/11/2015 #103] via photopin (license) and Molly gets a bath via photopin (license)