Cozy PupWith so many choices out there in different sizes, colors, and shapes, choosing a dog bed can be quite a difficult choice. 

It can be very confusing to choose the bed best suited for your dog’s needs when stores and catalogs are filled with different options.  When you do make a choice, normally the bed you choose is a combination of your personal taste, your dog’s needs (age, size), and how your dog likes to sleep.

Instead of leaving this important decision up to chance, consider the 3 “core” choices when selecting a bed.

1. Price – Dog beds can range from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on the size, fill, and type of bed.

2. Stuffing – There are 4 main options:

* Polyfill – the bed contains tubes of polyfil made out of recycled plastics that act of separate sections that move with your dog for comfort

* Box spring – good support just like a human mattress

* foam – a classic approach or specially made for orthopedic support to conforms to your dog’s body

* combination – found in highest priced mattresses for the most comfortable option

3. Style – There are 5 main styles of beds:

* Classic Canine Bed – look like a mattress for people with plenty of room to stretch out

* Bolster or Nesting Bed –  soft sides and cushioned bottom covered with a soft and cozy materialPup on Bed

* Snuggle Bed – round, oval, or square-walled beds covered with something like suede or fleece

* Orthopedic Dog Bed – extra support with special foal made for dogs with arthritis or joint problems

* Travel Bed – integrated with an attached stuff sack allowing for easy and portable travel

Info courtesy of Jasper and Zoe’s Blog

photo credits: Cosmicar TV Lens Test Shot 25mm via photopin (license); photo credit: DSC01881 via photopin (license)