New Year PupsMy New Year’s Resolutions aren’t much different than yours, I’m sure. However, being a dog can make it a little more difficult to make them but I’m going to stretch myself.

This year I’m doing it right and making a list of how I can improve as a fur kid and things I’d like to do differently.

I will willingly go for my walks every day and maybe even get a little jogging in too!

Even when I’m exhausted from a full day of doggie-excitement, I will drag myself out of bed. No matter if it’s zero outside or 100 degrees, I will commit to throwing myself fully into my daily exercise regimen. Who can resist a dog park anyways?

I will choose more natural versions of my favorite treats — and try my best not to beg for them!

I’ll need a little help from my people on this one. Maybe if I don’t eat the ones with all the artificial colors and flavors, they’ll get the hint that I want something better. That means I have to actually turn down food. Hmmm…that’s going to be a tough one.

I will clean out my toy chest, (okay, it’s more of a pile), and get rid of any old bones.

I love my toys! They squeak, bounce, and boy do I love chewing on them! And my bones? Some of my best ones are the ones that are really little now. They’re the best! But even I have to admit that some of them really have to go. I think I’ve had a little too much fun with them. That’s okay. Out with the old, in with the new, right? I did get some awesome new toys and bones from Santa so I should be able to accomplish this!

I will stress less and sleep more.

As a dog, you’d think that I’d have a pretty laid-back life, right? Well, I do, but even I get stressed sometimes. I mean, what is up with the mailman anyway? And the UPS guy isn’t much better. I always have to be on alert; you never know who will come to the door. I need to not let it bother me so much and disturb me from my slumber. In fact, sleep is awesome and I really need to up the amount of hours I get a day.

I will spend more Party Pupquality time with the family.

Quality time can be hard to come by these days. With my family working and going to school, it can be tough to fit in all the licks and snuggles that we all want. I’m going to make it a point to drop whatever bone I’m chewing on and go spend time with them if they’re watching TV, reading, or relaxing. I’m great to relax with, right? That’ll show them how I much I really do love them.

As for my cat friends, I asked what their resolutions were and they looked at me like I was crazy. They said they’re perfect the way they are and see no reason to change. That resolutions are, well…for the dogs.