Hiding PoochWhat do you have planned for the 4th of July? Picnic? Beach trip? Bar-b-que? Fireworks display?

No matter what is on your agenda for the 4th of July, if you’re a pet parent, one thing is sure to be on your mind right now … the safety and comfort of your dog or cat. Even if you are not partaking in the viewing or setting off of fireworks, there’s no doubt that you and your furry family member will hear the explosives from wherever you’re celebrating … and he’s probably not going to like it.

All pets react differently when they hear loud noises, fireworks going off, or flashes of light. Trembling, running away, barking, howling, and crying, are just a few of the common behaviors your dog or cat may exhibit. Keep in mind that many obedient pets will behave quite differently during the stress of such commotion and may even exhibit destructive behavior. So what do you do? Read on for some top tips to keep your pet safe while maintaining your sanity.

8 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and HappyHide n Seek Kitty

Expect the worst and plan for it! Talk to your network of pet care professionals to see how you can best set your pet up for success.
Keep your pets inside while fireworks are going off. He will be less likely to take off and get lost, or get into any other trouble. Remember, a dog or cat is highly likely to be unpredictable.
Give your pet a place to hide. This can include: his crate, a darkened room or basement, or a bed to hide under. The best place will be somewhere where it is dark and where he is comfortable. Where does your dog or cat go during thunderstorms? That’s probably where he’ll want to be during fireworks too.
Turn up the televisions or radio. Your pet needs white noise to help drown out the booms of the fireworks.
Have a few current photographs of your dog available in case he does run away when you take him out for a potty break.
If you don’t already have cat or dog tags, get them now. If you already have a ID tag, make sure it’s securely on your pet’s collar and it displays your current phone number.
It’s not too late to microchip your pet. It’s a quick and easy procedure. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, but thankfully it is also a relatively inexpensive procedure.
Most importantly, stay calm. Don’t yell or stress. Try to act as you normally would as you don’t want to reinforce the fearful behaviors.

How do you keep your pet calm during the excitement of 4th of July fireworks? Comment below and let us know. All of us here at Waggy Tails wish you a Have a happy and safe 4th of July with your family and your pets!

photo credits: Wee Westie Says Hi! via photopin (license); photo credit: HIDING LEXIE via photopin (license)