Muddy DogThe Earth is full of the mushy, brown stuff – yes, we’re talking about mud.

Unfortunately dogs love the mud, and don’t realize how much you hate it in your house.  Checkout our 5 tips to keep the mud where it belongs – outside!

1. Well-trimmed Paws Keep the fur short between the pads and on top of the paw.  The less fur, the less area available for dirt to clean on to and track into the house.

2. Training Teach your dog the command “Wait” to avoid an exuberant pup barreling into the house with paws full of mud, before you have time to clean them off. You may also want to accustom your dog to the commands “mat” or “blanket” as directions as to where they should go to have their paws cleaned.

3. Scrapper Mats These mats have bristly fibers on top that trap dirt and a waterproof rubber backing that makes sure that the mad does not seep through to your floor.  You can find the “Waterhog” mats at L.L Bean that are perfect for this purpose.

4. Paw Cleaning Accessories You may want to consider the Spotless Paws – a glove with a microfiber palm that attracts dirt, or the Paw Plunger – a mug lined with bristles that cleans one paw at a time.

5. Old-School Cleaning Supplies Sometimes nothing beats the tried and true.  Spread out some newspapers, grab a bucket of water, and go to town on those muddy paws!